We support our global COO community and clients with

three lines of business:

1.  Executive Search 
a.  Chief Operating Officer (COO) • Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) • Chief Control Officer (CCO) •  Chief of Staff (CoS)
b.  Business leads for strategy, innovation and regulation •  Middle Office, Operations, Technology •  Compliance and Risk Management

2.  Industry executive COO and CCO forums  
a.  We promote cross-industry teamwork, partnerships and dialogue 
b.  Facilitate sharing of experiences to help meet common challenges within testing market conditions 
c.  Through our sponsors we offer insights into today’s thinking and solutions

3.  Women in the COO Community
a.  Encouraging more women into senior positions within Financial Services 
b.  Facilitating a cross-industry dialogue amongst women in executive business management positions
c.  Creating a global network with a common purpose to share knowledge and insight

Armstrong Wolfe

is a leading authority in banking and asset management, facilitating executive search,

cross-industry collaboration

and career management for the COO Community

Executive Search

We work across Financial Services, focusing specifically on Banking, Financial Markets and Asset Management.

Our clients are global companies that understand the value in hiring people with proven capabilities in driving change - be it responding to regulatory or institutional needs - to realise operational efficiencies and cost savings.

We have completed on searches in 25 countries.

Our COO and CCO 1LOD forums take place quarterly in London, New York, Toronto, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Executive Forums


Partnering with some of the world’s leading companies, Armstrong Wolfe runs quarterly Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Control Officer (CCO, 1LOD) forums and workshops in New York, London, Toronto, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The firm also supports the industry through its regular Brexit dinner, FinTech conferences, and its commitment to behavioural change through events focused on conduct, ethics and leadership.​



Armstrong Wolfe's Women in the COO Community initiative is focused on encouraging more women into senior positions within Financial Services and facilitating a cross-industry dialogue amongst women in executive business management positions.

For initial enquiries, please contact our UK headquarters during GMT business hours.

+44 (0) 203 664 8863