Armstrong Wolfe is a 

COO advisory firm.

Our mission is to bring worldwide COOs into a managed network one degree of separation from each other.

The trust in our platform earnt over 10 years strengthens our purpose: to empower the COO community through the provision of thought leadership, the promotion of cross industry dialogue, the examination  of ideas and driving collaboration with the development of solutions and execution services.

As one COO put it “Through your facilitated debates, you help the COO translate how to operationalise executive intent’.

 Our corporate and social responsibilities focus on addressing inequalities, promoting sustainability, and supporting underprivileged children and early adult education.

Our ability to succeed relies on an interconnected offering:

International COO Community (iCOOC) - global COO corporate membership scheme

Armstrong Wolfe Partners (AWP) - advisory and project execution

COO Academy by the Armstrong Wolfe Institute

Women in the COO Community (WCOOC) and the COO Scholarship Scheme - addressing inequalities

Our corporate and social responsibilities focus on addressing inequalities, promoting sustainability, and supporting underprivileged children and early adult education.


The leading authority in banking and asset management

business solutions, cross-industry collaboration and career management for the COO community


1.  Our Audience is:
a.  Chief Operating Officer (COO) • Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) • Chief Control Officer (CCO) •  Chief of Staff (CoS)
b.  Business leads for strategy, innovation and regulation •  Middle Office, Operations, Technology •  Compliance and Risk Management

2.  Our Industry executive COO and CCO forums:
a.  Promote cross-industry teamwork, partnerships and dialogue 
b.  Facilitate sharing of experiences to help meet common challenges within testing market conditions 
c.  Through our partners we offer insights into today’s thinking and solutions

3.  The Women in the COO Community:
a.  Encourages more women into senior positions within Financial Services 
b.  Facilitates a cross-industry dialogue amongst women in executive business management positions
c.  Be part of a global network with a common purpose to share knowledge and insight

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Armstrong Wolfe



Business services for the Chief Operating Officer
& Chief Control Officer communities