Our mission is to bring worldwide COOs into a managed network one degree of separation from each other.

The trust in our platform earnt over 10 years strengthens our purpose: to empower the COO community through the provision of thought leadership, the promotion of cross-industry dialogue, the examination of ideas and driving collaboration with the development of solutions and execution services.

As one COO put it “Through your facilitated debates, you help the COO translate how to operationalise executive intent’.

Our corporate and social responsibilities focus on addressing inequalities, promoting sustainability, and supporting underprivileged children and early adult education.

4 Communities We Support:


Markets COO


Markets Chief Control Officer


Asset Management COO


Banking/Capital Markets COO

How Do We Do This?



We have a commitment to intertwine conduct, culture, purpose & CSR into all we do.


Delivering on our mission

Delivering on our misson the international COO Community (iCOOC)

Delivering on our Purpose:


Armstrong Wolfe Advisory (AWA)

Advisory and project execution


Armstrong Wolfe Institute

Innovation Hub creating ideas to drive learning for COOs


AW Strategic Partners

Appointed advisory & technology companies


AW Ecosystem

Tade associations, academic bodies & innovation companies


AW Industry Advisors

COO alumni working within professional services

Delivering on our Corporate & Social Responsibilities:


International COO Community (iCOOC)

Global COO corporate membership scheme


WCOOC Ambassadors

A global network of voluntary appointed COOs


The COO Academy

Creating oportunities for the underrepresented



Leveraging iCOOC’s membership to call to action


GCF Bosnia

Rebuilding a primary school in war-torn Bosnia

The leading authority in banking and asset management business solutions, cross-industry collaboration and career management for the COO community.

About Armstrong Wolfe

Our audience is:

a.  Chief Operating Officer (COO) – Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) – Chief Control Officer (CCO) – Chief of Staff (CoS)

b.  Business leads for strategy, innovation and regulation – Middle Office, Operations, Technology – Compliance and Risk Management

Our industry executive COO and CCO forums:

a.  Promote cross-industry teamwork, partnerships and dialogue 

b.  Facilitate sharing of experiences to help meet common challenges within testing market conditions 

c.  Through our partners we offer insights into today’s thinking and solutions

Women in the COO Community:

a.  Encourages more women into senior positions within Financial Services 

b.  Facilitates a cross-industry dialogue amongst women in executive business management positions

c.  Be part of a global network with a common purpose to share knowledge and insight

Who We Are

I have long believed in the untapped potential of the COO platform and wondered how best to release its potential. I have established relationships with a myriad of COOs over 25 years from across the industry, from all backgrounds, all nationalities and possessing a wonderful diversity in experience.

Armstrong Wolfe was established to unite and galvanise this talent, to offer the COO an independent and confidential way to hold meaningful cross-industry conversations in a trusted, confidential Chatham House Rule environment, where we sought to mobilise the COOs and direct the dialogue to help them release this potential.

Key to this success has been the behavioural and characteristics of the overwhelming percentage of COO community, being decent and principled and seeking to do the right thing.

Many of the challenges allocated to the COO are non-proprietary and it is this we look to exploit to the benefit of all.

More so, if we can do this successfully relating to business matters, we can most certainly extend this spirit of collaboration and cooperation into charitable causes and to collectively work towards addressing inequalities.

It is our mission to enable this to happen.”

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Be engaged, connect with the industry and your peers, empower your people through knowledge transfer and learning.


Our diversity, equity and inclusion programme strives to support the underrepresented by leveraging the influence and good will of the female global COO community.


We are committed to protecting the reputation of Armstrong Wolfe as the trusted partner to the COO community and the individual reputations of our alumni members.

COO Academy

Raise the profile and impact of the COO and CCO functions in Finance by driving innovation, while redefining and enhancing their roles and capabilities.


The collaborations encompass the Armstrong Wolfe’s quarterly COO forums across several regions.


Listen to content on demand from our most recent events and Mental Health Awareness Week.

Conduct & Culture Summit

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