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Armstrong Wolfe is pleased to announce a collaboration with Contexis.

The collaboration encompasses the Armstrong Wolfe’s quarterly COO forums across several regions.

John Rosling, CEO, Contexis Ltd and CEO, Contexis Index CIC comments:

“Coming out of the pandemic the industry is facing huge structural challenges, driven by the changing demands of customers, employees and, increasingly, regulators.  This represents real opportunity for the agile.  The most flexible, responsive and entrepreneurial organisations are those that have understood their purpose as an operational reality. That operational purpose galvanises and engages people, supports retention and creates clarity, velocity and innovation.  In our experience, understanding, measuring and operationalising purpose can only be done by the COO. That is why we are delighted to collaborate with Armstrong Wolfe and the COO community to together shift purpose from an abstract conversation to a measurable, operational reality”.

Maurice Evlyn-Bufton, CEO, Armstrong Wolfe adds:

“The concept of purpose had been resident in the debate and narrative within the COO community for some time.   The pandemic and the challenges presented in managing staff in a  dislocated working model, the consequent challenge to culture and the renewed focus this bought to the importance of leadership led the industry to recognise that purpose needs to move from the side-lines, being paid lip service, to being embedded in an organisation at its centre.   

The COO is tasked to execute and operationalise on strategic and tactical initiatives and are well practiced at it, although the obvious complexity in operationalising  purpose was noted by many as a unique challenge  and this led us to Contexis.   We are convinced the COO community will benefit from the association that we are delighted to announce, where Armstrong Wolfe will partner and collaborate with Contexis to support the COOs in this endeavour.”

About Contexis

Contexis works with large organisations globally to understand and activate purpose in organisational culture, to drive and track measurable improvements in human happiness and business performance. A key part of Contexis’ work is the measurement of purpose activation through a partnership with global academics, led by Cambridge University. The Contexis Index® provides metrics to understand how purpose is working in organisational cultures, benchmarked across geographies and sectors, and provides insights into how purpose is working and where it is blocked. The methodology has been adopted by organisations in 26 countries globally.

Virtual Forums in Collaboration with Contexis

september, 2023

Contexis Content Library

Overthrow capitalism? It’s no longer a fringe idea

Contexis: What extent is purpose driving performance in my organisation?

White Swan:  Why purpose lies at the heart of corporate resilience

Contexis: Creating the New Normal

Why: A brief introduction to purpose and why people are motivated by authenticity and meaning over money

What: A short film that explains the points I was trying to make about how to activate purpose in an organisation

How:  A short film of interviews with CEOs who have not just adopted purpose but also measured its impact

Introduction to Contexis

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The collaborations encompass the Armstrong Wolfe’s quarterly COO forums across several regions.


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