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Armstrong Wolfe is pleased to announce a collaboration with Galaxy Sciences.

The collaboration encompasses the Armstrong Wolfe’s quarterly COO forums across several regions.



Measure, Predict and Improve Organisational Performance with Next Generation Behavioural AI

First Stage – Practical Demonstration –  11th March 

If you’re an organisation trying to get people back into the office to increase face-to-face interaction and productivity, don’t necessarily expect a sustained improvement if your office plan is open. Therefore, in addition to reviewing the best floor plan for productivity to get people back to work (research suggests designing spaces with doors), it’s also worth considering how to improve electronic collaboration given the increasing digitisation of human communication.

Recent article in the New York Times that shows evidence open plan workplaces can create:

    1. 27% more sick days.
    2. 14% lower cognitive performance.
    3. 70% less face-to-face interaction with significant increase in the use of email and instant messaging (see Harvard study stats below).
  • Widely cited 2018 Harvard study that shows email replaces face-to-face communication in open plan workplaces: Namely 70% decrease in face-to-face communication with associated 56% increase in sent emails, 20% increase in received emails and 41% increase in CC emails.
  • 2018 study that suggests open plan workplaces are even worse for women.

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Galaxy Science

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Measure, Predict and Improve Organisational Performance with next Generation Behavioural AI.

Galaxy Science

Driving Purpose with Behavioural Data Science

Purpose and behaviour are inherently linked and are both critical to moving, guiding and delivering organisational goals. Behavioural Data Science (the combination of Behavioural Science and Data Science) is a rapidly growing field that enables organisations to automatically identify, predict and transform behaviour at any scale. This session provides an insider’s view on how organisations are using data and AI to transform behavioural and drive organisational purpose. 

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Galaxy Science

About Galaxy Sciences

Founded in 2007, Galaxy has pioneered the use of AI infused workplace analytics through its ground-breaking technology from 18+ years of continuous research at MIT. We empower individuals and organisations to radically transform culture and behaviour by combining artificial intelligence with psychology and social network analysis. This enduringly improves a vast range of behavioural factors including performance, efficiency, wellbeing and risk outcomes.

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The collaborations encompass the Armstrong Wolfe’s quarterly COO forums across several regions.


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