Are industrial partnerships inevitable for Investment Banks?

Thursday, 15th July 2021

15:00 - 16:00 (BST)


Armstrong Wolfe will host EY and HSBC to share their views on trends on Industrial Partnerships, why the COOs should look at this now and the implications of working on this topic.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A and debate.


The Investment Banking sector is continuing to transform quickly. After multiples waves of cost reduction programmes in the last 10 years, their business model continues to be challenged as margins have reduced significantly across most asset classes. To survive, Investment Banks need scale, lean operations, and a strong ability to attract and nurture changing client needs. This requires significant investment and strong execution capabilities. Adding to this concern, is the intensifying competition from Tech firms who are leveraging their superior tech capabilities to build alternative solutions and services. This means that those investment banks that are able to operate at a large scale (i.e. at lower cost and for large volumes) and are able to justify large investment on evolving technologies and complex transformation programme, will be able to survive unchanged. 


As a result, an increased number of investment banks are considering industrial partnerships across their value chain as a way to remain competitive and profitable; focusing on their client relationships while their partner takes care of their front-to-back processes while providing the right breadth and quality of products and services. For these investment banks it is not IF they need to partner with others, but HOW.

Join us at the Industrial Partnerships Forum on the 15th of July, where we will be sharing with you recent industry context and trends that include: lessons learned from other industries, what partnership models exist, what is the business case, what are the key challenges to implement them, and how partnerships can be done right.

Why attend?

  • Understand the challenges investment banks are facing and the increasing competition from Tech firms

  • Understand the extent to which partnerships can help achieve strategic objectives, producing win-win results for all parties involved

  • Understand the key decisions management should consider today in order to successfully partner

  • Understand the different partnership models and their implications (Outsourcing, White Label Services, IBaas etc)

  • Understand the key execution challenges centred around legal, compliance, technology, operations and cultural changes

  • Understand how industrial partnerships could work

Moderated by:


Maurice Evlyn-Bufton

CEO, Armstrong Wolfe


Pierre Pourquery

Partner, EY UK Capital Markets


Pierre leads EY’s capital markets advisory practice in the UK, having joined EY in 2012. In the last years, Pierre has supported banks in strategy, Brexit, FO change, industrial partnerships, digital transformation , organisation, technology and has led a number of high profile engagements with large Investment Banks.

Pierre has written several articles and papers on the evolution of Capital Markets. He has written an article on improving banks’ organisational culture, as well as on how to manage the digital change in the FO. He has also co-authored a book on how to ensure operational resilience of banks.


Prior to EY, Pierre was a Partner in London at Boston Consulting Group for 8 years. He spent the early part of his career at IBM and as a trader at Credit Lyonnais Bank.

Emanuel Vila

EY Manager, Banking & Capital Markets Sector


  • Emanuel focuses on a diverse range of topics and challenges within the Banking & Capital markets sector, from business transformations to regulatory responses and risk and control enhancement programmes.

  • He has supported some of the world's top global investment banks in key areas such as outsourcing, booking models, client risk, conflicts of interest and culture and conduct.

  • Recently he has co-authored thought leadership on the drivers, benefits and challenges of partnerships within Capital Markets

Vincent Bonamy

Managing Director, Head of Global Intermediary Services GFX, HSBC Global Markets


Vincent Bonamy is currently Managing Director, Head of Global Intermediary Services GFX – HSBC Global Markets based in London.  In his role, Mr. Bonamy has been responsible for the creation and development of FX Services in the FX market.

Prior to joining HSBC, Mr. Bonamy spent over 18 years with Societe Generale Group, during which time he was exposed to a number of business functions. He spent seven years as an auditor of Societe Generale’s Investment Banking activity.  In 2001, he was made Managing Director and Head of the Front Office of Newedge Americas, during which time he managed a prime brokerage activity and FX and Rates execution function consisting of 200 brokers. The activity became #1 Futures and Option Broker in the USA. In 2007, Mr. Bonamy was promoted to Head of FIC Americas (Rate, EM, FX and Credit) and Trading and Sales, managing over 100 traders and sales. During this period, Mr. Bonamy served as the primary contact for this business with the US Federal Reserve Bank to gain UST Primary dealership. From 2012 to 2016, he was Head of FIC in the UK for Societe Generale.

Mr. Bonamy holds a Business Degree from ESSEC as well as a Masters in both Economics and Law from the University of Paris.  He has served for 7 years on CLS Board (risk committee and strategy committee) as well as being board member of OTC Clear Net and Forexclear.

By Pierre Pourquery, Partner, EY UK Capital Markets and Emanuel Vila, EY Manager, Banking & Capital Markets Sector


Investment banks need to partner if they want to survive and grow