Asset Management

COO Forum 

The challenge of defining, measuring and embedding sound conduct

and culture throughout the organisation


Asset Management COO Dinner

LONDON - 18 MARCH 2020

The increasing influence of operational resilience and the challenging reliance on third-party services within asset management


Agenda to cover

  1. A paradigm shift in culture and thinking; moving away from traditional risk management towards prevention, response and recovery of actual events

  2. The challenge of identifying and understanding end-to-end critical business services and setting tolerance thresholds

  3. Increasing the emphasis on the management and control of outsourced services within asset management

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Asset Management COO Dinner

NEW YORK - Q2 2020

Discussion to cover

  1. Outsourcing in the Asset Management Sector - (in-sourcing vs. outsourcing and benefits & challenges)

  2. Vendor management framework

  3. Data - Investor Reporting (with focus on fund factsheets, KIIDS, Client reports, DDQs etc.)

  4. Update on the sub-committee KYC efforts

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“We are delighted to be sponsoring London AM COO community events.


As an employee owned management consultancy, focused exclusively on financial services, we recognise the importance of opportunities such as these to share our views and ideas with clients and prospective clients from across the industry.


With all our consultants being equal partners in our business, and with capabilities spanning programme and change delivery, technology and digital transformation, governance and risk, and performance improvement, I believe we are well placed to assist our clients with the broad range of challenges they face associated with digital transformation, risk and compliance.


We look forward to working further with Maurice Evlyn-Bufton and the Armstrong Wolfe team to make all events valuable and of benefit to all.”

Paul Brock, CEO of BCS Consulting

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