Armstrong Wolfe Solutions

Consulting and business services for the COO & CCO communities

Our service provisions are based upon the following:

  • Run-the-bank activities

  • Strategic Business advisory

  • Programme management

  • Interim management


Areas of Expertise  

  • Business strategy

  • Leadership

  • Governance

  • Target Operating Models

  • Regulatory Change

  • Business Cost Management

  • Product Governance

  • 1st Line Controls / Surveillance 

  • Conduct & Culture

  • Risk Management

  • Supervision

  • 3rd. Party Venues

  • Developing and Operating Controls

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Off-shoring

  • Financial Crime

  • Front to Back Digitalisation

  • KYC and Client Management

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Our Mission: to partner with our on key tasks to enable them to focus on driving their business forward

Business Principles  

  • We work in collaboration with the COO community

  • We mobilise our resources quickly to meet the client’s needs

  • We are focused on efficiency and momentum

  • We are committed to delivering on time and within budget 


We focus on addressing the challenges and managing change for our clients. Working across Banking, Markets and Asset Management. Our team consists of content experts.

Our principal areas of focus are the business operations of the front office and the closely aligned infrastructure functions/areas across COO,CCO, Trading, Global Operations, Compliance and client services.

Although we are a start-up consulting firm, we are led by experienced industry leaders with a significant and successful track record in managing change and run-the-bank operations within the markets we operate.

To this end, to work for Armstrong Wolfe Solutions one must be able to demonstrate a track record of delivering a wide spectrum of change within a bank or asset manager as an employee, not as an external consultant. Our people are further assessed at entry in relation to their commitment to integrity, conduct and ethical behaviour.


As such, we provide a practitioner’s approach to delivering results.

Importantly our team has extensive leadership experience at operational board level and/or managing the interface with the executive board, owning design through delivery of regional and global programmes of work and understand the impact of change on all parts of an organisation.

For initial enquiries, please contact our UK headquarters during GMT business hours.

+44 (0) 203 664 8863