Exploring the role of the Chief Control Officer


London, New York, Toronto,

Hong Kong, Singapore.


As a reaction to the 2008 Credit Crunch and the issues the Financial Services industry faced in its aftermath, many banks created a new executive role: The Chief Control Officer (CCO 1LOD).


This role quickly became vital in helping banks to identify conduct issues and help pave a path towards banks regaining the trust of the investors and societies they serve.

Today, the CCO role is complex and ever-evolving. Armstrong Wolfe's CCO forum explores the commonality in the challenges faced by the CCO community, seeking to find collaborative solutions to the benefit of the industry and its participants.

Armstrong Wolfe's CCO 1LOD Forum has been running since 2016.  Each event is hosted by a global bank. Attendees are senior representatives from the CCO and COO communities and participate in a roundtable debate facilitated by Armstrong Wolfe, with industry experts attending to present on key topics.


EY sponsors Armstrong Wolfe’s CCO forums, adding subject matter expertise to ensure relevance and value.

To explore the role of the CCO further, read To Catch a Thief; the evolution of the Chief Control Officer, a book written by Armstrong Wolfe’s Managing Director, Maurice Evlyn-Bufton.

Recent Discussion Topics

  • Citi

      Time for the CCO 1LOD to turn its attention to the future. 

  • BNY Mellon

       Managing Conduct, Conduct Risk and Culture.

  • HSBC & BNP Paribas 

       Data Management and Strategy; How can technological innovation

       drive the control and conduct agenda?

  • Credit Suisse

       As we run into 2018, what are the key areas of focus expected

       of the 1LOD and your teams, and the associated challenges you

       will face to demonstrate BAU Compliance?


  • JPMorgan

       Obligations within the 3LOD concept: is there an optimum model

       to define the role and responsibilities of 1, 1b* and 2LOD in order

       to meet regulatory obligations and realise cost efficiencies? 

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I do enjoy participating in these forums and always take away points which are very relevant to me, my bank, and its Control Office construct. I think the format is great as it fosters open exchange of experiences and ideas across the different market participants.

Head of Americas Global Markets Control Office