Citi – North America Webinar

18th November 2020

Jennifer Kleinert, CTO, Citi, was our keynote speaker for this WCOOC webinar. She was joined by several other speakers and led a discussion on ‘Renewed Diversity Strategies to Address Representation Gaps’.

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Hosted by:

Camilla Sutton

CEO and President, Women in Capital Markets 


Malcolm Lang

MD, COO and CFO, TD Securities

Jennifer Kleinert

CTO, Citi

Deland Kamanga

Head of Global Trading for BMO Capital Markets

Moderated by:

Grainne McNamara

Principal Consultant, EY


Renewed Diversity Strategies to Address Representation Gaps

  1. Gender Equity As leaders and role models, we all have an important role to play in enhancing diversity and inclusion in our workplace

  2. Biases Many organisations have implemented unconscious bias training. Diversity and inclusion cannot however be achieved through a one-off initiative or periodic training - it needs to be embedded in the organisational culture and continuously acted upon to guarantee effectiveness 

  3. Culture- For real change to happen, we all need to buy into the value of diversity, collaboration and proactively work together to build more diverse and inclusive teams, not only in our own functional areas but also, through leading by example, across our respective organisations 

  4. Vendors and Client Management – What are the latest metrics required 

  5. War on Talent - Talent acquisition and retention program