Conduct, Ethics & Leadership


The banker: a reformed character?


Conduct, Ethics and Leadership Forum

London and New York 

Armstrong Wolfe runs events related to conduct, ethics and leadership.


Looking at the common challenge of leadership and how behaviours can be impacted by management, leadership and the working environment, Armstrong Wolfe invites experts from diverse sectors, such as the military, sport and politics, to be guest speakers.


These events add colour to the challenge of changing the behavioural landscape found in the banking industry, testing the status quo to deliver new ideas and practices for consideration.


Working with The Conduct Academy, the firm works to help the banking industry repair its reputation and set the foundations of enhanced behaviour to enable the industry to thrive in the future.

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“The role of all leaders is to encourage a culture of personal responsibility and impress upon all staff the value of good culture to the health of the firm and the FS industry more widely.”


Jonathan Davidson, Director of Supervision, FCA 2016