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Exploring the role of the Chief Operating Officer in a changing world.


Chief Operating Officer (COO) Forum

London, New York, Toronto, Hong Kong, Singapore.

Every COO role is unique and whilst core responsibilities may be common, no two roles match and no two days are the same. Each COO is unique in their experiences, career profiles and journeys to becoming a COO.


The commonality that does exist between COOs is that they are problem solvers and sit at the heart of the business.  They may not own everything, but they see all and can influence all.


Armstrong Wolfe's COO forum creates an ideas-exchange and the opportunity for COOs to share knowledge and ideas on non-proprietary challenges.

​Armstrong Wolfe's COO forum has been running since 2015. Each event is hosted by a bank and attendees are executive COOs from global companies. A roundtable debate is facilitated by Armstrong Wolfe and industry experts present on key topics.


To explore the role of the COO further, read No Place to Hide; the role of the banking Chief Operating Officer, a book written by Armstrong Wolfe’s Managing Director, Maurice Evlyn-Bufton.

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Recent Discussion Topics

  • BNY Mellon, Q3 2017
    Getting on the front foot; now is the time to change the emphasis
    to be forward-looking.

  • BNY Mellon, Q4 2017
    Managing Conduct, Conduct Risk and Culture.

  • Citi & Barclays. Q1 2018
    A challenging year ahead for the European COOs tasked with
    steering the industry through a period of political, economic and
    regulatory uncertainty. 


  • HSBC, Q2 2018
    Culture in evolution and the role of the COO.


  • EY, Q3 2018
    COO FinTech Conference: Technological innovation and
    collaboration within Global Banking and Markets.

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“Thank you very much for including me; I thought that the event was excellent. The diversity of FinTech solutions made it extremely informative and valuable for the attendees. I was able to participate in the breakout session and I also connected with a few folks which was extremely helpful.”

Managing Director, Global Bank

"Thanks for a really enjoyable evening which was both thought provoking and at the same time reassuring - we are all in the same boat!  These types of peer discussions are hugely helpful for all of us and a great initiative on your part to organise.”

MD, Global COO, Corporate and Investment Banking UK, Global Bank

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