BNP Paribas - New York

November 2019

George Nunn, COO of Global Markets Americas, BNP Paribas, hosted this WCOOC event at BNP Paribas in New York in November 2019. The topic of discussion was ‘Strategies to minimise the Gender Divide’.

George Nunn photo.jpg

Hosted by:

George Nunn 

COO of Global Markets Americas, BNP Paribas



Hubert de Lambilly (Head of Trading, Global Markets Americas CEO of BNP Paribas Securities Corp.)

Katica Roy (Gender Economist, CEO and Founder, Pipeline Equity)

Mara Conzo (COO of Global Markets Americas Trading, BNP Paribas)

Jennifer Ottinger (COO of Global Active Equities, Blackrock)

Darryll Hendricks (COO of Americas, UBS)

Rebecca Crowe (CAO of Markets, BNY Mellon)



Strategies to minimise the Gender Divide