Women on Boards – Global Webinar

5th November 2020

Julia Hoggett, Director of Market Oversight, Financial Conduct Authority, was keynote speaker for this WCOOC webinar and addressed diversity and inclusion in the workplace: fostering growth cultures, collectivism and a shared sense of purpose.

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Hosted by:

Fiona Hathorn

CEO, Women on Boards UK


7 reasons why being on a board is good for your career:

- Directorship is a point of difference on your CV when applying for a new role/promotion. 

- You will build market and industry knowledge and networks through exposure to a diverse range of issues from the perspective of a director. 

- Joining a board indicates to management or clients that you are interested and engaged in your community at a leadership level. 

- Directorships build career and leadership skills and expertise. 

- If you need to take a career break at any stage, a directorship can give you continuity on your CV. It will help you maintain professional contacts and could provide you with the confidence to re-enter the workforce more easily after a significant break. 

- Directorships improve career resilience and provide strategic understanding of workforce dynamics. 

- It gives you the chance to explore the idea of a post- executive board career