HSBC - APAC Webinar

13th October 2020

Suzy White, Global COO, Markets and Securities Services, HSBC, led this WCOOC webinar and spoke about the evolving mandate of the COO. Suzy was joined by speakers from Nomura, BMO, and Standard Chartered Bank.

Aleem Jivraj_900x900.jpg


Aleem Jivraj

COO Global Markets Asia ex-Japan, Nomura


Sheue-Fang Bourne

MD, COO Asia & Deputy President, Bank of Montreal (China) Co.Ltd. BMO Financial Group


Shalini Lall 

MD, COO for Trade, Standard Chartered Bank


The evolving mandate of the COO:

1. The role of the COO: A panel discussion investigating individual career journeys to becoming a COO, thoughts on the role, its mandate, what makes a good COO.

2. The evolving mandate of the COO: A look at the future state and how the role of the COO is shifting from meeting the regulatory

agenda (will always be a key part of the role), to focus energies on people e.g. Diversity and Inclusion, innovation, transformation and new technologies (and how this will impact not just the competencies needed to be an effective COO, but how it is shaping the future of the industry as a whole).