Korczowa Childrens’ Foundation (KCF), Poland

For the children of Ukraine

Update 9th March, 2022: 1.2 million Ukranian refugees have passed into Poland

About KCF, Poland

GCF Bosnia, the charitable foundation of Armstrong Wolfe (www.gcfbosnia.org), has established a means to directly support the mothers and children of the Ukraine escaping the ravages of war, this effort will come under the name Korczowa Children’s Foundation (KCF), Poland (For the children of the Ukraine).

Specifically, the charity is working with the Polish charitable foundation Stowarzyszenie Edukacyjne INTEGRACJA (Educational Association INTEGRATION).   It has opened and is running a reception point on the Polish-Ukrainian border in the village of Korczowa, serving those waiting, some for many hours, days, to cross the border.

A guarantee your help will go to those that need it

The U.K. contact and coordinator of this effort is Joanna Evlyn-Bufton (nee Wojtanowska). Joanna was born in Krakow, Poland, her childhood friends run Stowarzyszenie Edukacyjne INTEGRACJA.  This direct contact allows KCF, Poland to gather materials and financial donations in the UK that can be transferred directly and quickly to the point of effort on the ground in Korczowa.

What is the Educational Association doing to help?

Priority is given to orphans, mothers with children, the elderly and the disabled. Upon arrival and crossing the Ukrainian – Polish border, volunteers provide the refugees (children, women with young children/new-borns, disabled and elderly) with hot drinks and meals, blankets, personal hygiene items, medicines, and other necessary aid.

They retrieve and support those who have collapsed and are unable to walk any further within the Ukraine and are transported or carried by our volunteers to the border crossing.

They organise convoy transport by bus for refugees from Lviv to Poland escorted by the Ukrainian Police, which is, unfortunately, also poorly equipped.

With their help, on Saturday 5th March alone, they were able to bring 1400 people, including approximately 250 orphans, to reception points on the Polish side of the border. To do so they are in constant contact with the Border Guard and Territorial Defence Forces, both of whom also need support in terms of equipment: this includes torniquets, basic elements of personal defence, including bullet-proof vests, drones, SHORT-WAVE RADIOS and even 4×4 vehicles.

All activities are “non-profit” and are carried out by volunteers and private individuals, who are freely giving their time to help, either at the reception points or by transporting people or goods in their own cars, mini-buses, and buses.

What do they need?

The list below is the priorities, although urgently needed is financial support to buy the necessary aid and equipment from various institutions (town/city councils, the police, territorial defence forces etc.) as well as to buy petrol for the vehicles transporting refugees and aid.

Priority items

Sleeping bags Foil survival blankets Sleeping mats
Nappies and wipes Blankets Hats and gloves
First Aid packs and bandages Thermal clothing Children’s clothes
Toothbrushes and toothpaste Thermos flasks Coats
Shampoo, toiletries and hairbrushes Plastic and metal mugs Toys
Sanitary towels Crayons and paper pads Towels


Dried or canned food, tea, coffee. Energy bars, instant milk for babies, or imperishable food items.

Support the Ukrainian military

Camouflage clothing Webbing Bullet proof jackets
Boots Torches and batteries Helmets
Thick socks Thermal clothing Flasks

Gift Aid for Ukraine

To advance the education of the pupils at Gorazde Primary School, Bosnia and Herzegovnia, through the provision of facilities not provided by local education authority, for the education through the medium of English at school.

 To also assist in such ways as the charity trustees see fit to advance education at Gorazde Primary School. This is done by developing their mental, physical, and moral capabilities through sporting and leisure activities.

To assist in any other projects, which would enhance and support the education/ wellbeing of children, that the charity trustees see fit from time-to-time.

To contact us or to arrange a material donation: .

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