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18th June 2021 13:00 - 14:00 (BST) 08:00 - 09:00 (EDT)

Hosted on Zoom | Please RSVP by Wednesday 16th June 2021

Why Being Menopause

Supportive is Business Savvy

Attracting and retaining ambitious, successful women and boost the bottom line

Join Lauren Chiren, CEO of Women of a Certain Stage to learn:

The key facts and statistics on menopause and the impacts on work

The core business, demographic and legal cases that underpin menopause awareness training

Reasonable adjustments employers can make to support women through menopause

Next steps to becoming a menopause supportive organisation

The reasons why menopause is not a just woman’s issue

Lauren Chiren,

CEO of Women of a Certain Stage

Lauren is a keynote speaker on executive women’s wellbeing and an authority on

menopause at work.

She left her senior role in financial services, in her early 40’s believing that she

was suffering from early-onset dementia. Imagine her surprise when her doctor

informed her she had ‘just’ been through menopause?!

Today she educates employers on why being menopause supportive, is business

savvy and supports high performing women to navigate the changes and

challenges of menopause.

As a trusted coach, mentor, keynote speaker and media spokesperson, Lauren

has helped thousands of executives, celebrities and athletes globally.

She holds qualifications in psychology, DISC, mental health, nutrition, coaching,

personal training and more.

Lauren shares her knowledge and stimulates the debate on what being well

means, at all stages of life, with insightful directness, commercial pragmatism and

absolute passion for ensuring optimum wellbeing and resilience.

Lauren’s goal is to transform global attitudes to menopause, helping organisations

to support their teams through this transformation successfully and to empower

women to retain their vitality and presence throughout their menopausal journey.

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