Q2 Workforce Planning

Armstrong Wolfe

COO Workforce Planning Survey Results

This survey was undertaken in March 2021 at the request of the global COO community of financial markets and asset management. The questions within it were provided by COOs within this community.


Principal insights


This survey covers the following:

  • Workforce Distribution

  • Workplace Optimisation

  • Workplace Location

  • Workplace Policies

  • WFH Compensation Implications

  • WFH Technology Implications

  • Productivity

  • Surveillance

  • Training

  • 2021 Internships and Graduate Intake


We further asked, ‘what are the 3 principal challenges in order of priority facing the COO community in Q2 – Q4 2021?’


1st preferences stated:

  • RTO 38%

  • Culture and staff morale 36%

  • Technology 10%

  • Regulation 10%

  • Post-Brexit implications 6%