Joe Noreña

Trusted Armstrong Wolfe Advisor and WCOOC Ambassador


Over the next 4 weeks, Joe will be participating in a Harvard Business School 5-part series webinar on Crisis Management through the COVID-19 event. He will be summarising the key points and his learning from these webinars and would like to share them with our community.

COVID-19 as a Novel Event

Webinar 1

Structuring the Organizational Response

Webinar 2

Chilean Mining
Rescue and Summary

Webinar 3

Covid-19 European corporate recapitalisation report

A link to the full report on our website is available here.



GFMA Sustainable Finance Survey Report was released in June 2019.  Following that they launched the effort to assess climate finance market structure which resulted in the Climate Finance and the Real Economy, Sizing the Global Need and Defining the Market Structure to Mobilize Capital.  GFMA also hosted an event on 3 December 2020, Motivating Private Capital for Climate Finance: Call the Action, Roadmap for Change, where the recordings are available through this month. Attached is the executive summary and the call to action summary from the report, too.  The full report linked above has the deep dives on the recommendations and the 10 sectors.