COO Magazine Q1 2024

Armstrong Wolfe’s COO Charity: Gorazde Charity Ride 6th – 9th June 2024

Nick Scott

Goražde Children’s Foundation
Bosnia (UK)

Come and join us in our efforts to raise £100,000 and to completely renovate and re-equip the school gymnasium, which the local community have asked be renamed as the Queen Elizabeth II Sports Hall.

This year we have ambitious plans to capitalise on the rewarding and uplifting experiences enjoyed by an ever-growing group of people from the COO Community, who join with us in helping to bring modern amenities in a region which severely lacks them.

The gymnasium at O.s.Fahrudin Fahro Basclieja in Gorazde town centre has seen no new equipment nor has it been repainted, refurbished or had the flooring re-sprung since the early 1960’s. It is in absolutely dire need of an overhaul, with modern equipment that teachers and students can feel proud of, and more invested in.

GCF ran its initial Sarajevo to Gorazde Charity Cycle ride in 2019, with just three people travelling from the U.K., and a small local contingent. Following a pause for the pandemic, we restarted in 2022 and have trebled our number each time out, with nine travelling in September 2022, and 27 cyclists along with a large party of veterans in April 2023, all who came for the ride and also the commemorative service at our newly created memorial in the hills above Grad Gorazde.

In 2024 the ride will take place in June, at the end of the school summer term, to capitalise on good weather and an opportunity for cyclists and visitors alike to appreciate the beauty of Bosnian countryside.

Corporate sponsorship is new for 2024, facilitating broader participation for 3, 4, 5 person representative teams at modest cost. In return for covering your nominated team members cost of entry, flights to join up with all the riders in Sarajevo, and a charitable donation per rider, GCF will be pleased to:

Place your organisation and it’s corporate emblem to feature prominently as a part of all Armstrong Wolfe marketing for the GCFl00 ride, at more than 150 planned events internationally, over the next 12 months.

Advertise the support from your company to this worthwhile cause, within our partnership group, the iCOOC, WCOOC and other connected parties, veterans groups in each of the next four “COO Magazine” periodicals, published by Armstrong Wolfe.

Opportunity to obtain priority VIP tickets for the annual GCF Charity Dinner in April 2024, with opportunities to meet our guest of honour and network with other, like-minded sponsors.

Our target is to bring together 100 cyclists for this cause, riding 100 kilometres and raising the sum of £100,000, hence “GCF100”

Corporate Sponsorship

Two options exist for Corporate Sponsorship for the GCF100 event in June 2024:

Option 1: Team Sponsorship Package – £5,000

  • Enroll a team from your organisation of up to five cyclists (or a mixture of cyclists and supporters)
  • 3 night’s accommodation (double room/single) (bed & breakfast)
  • All transfers from point of landing in Sarajevo until return to the airport for homebound flights
  • Internal transport by minibus/coach whilst in Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Subsistence Snacks provided, sandwich lunches, bottled water etc.
  • Includes the rental of a new bike that will be donated to the school or the local Goražde community at the end of the ride
  • Cycling Jersey
  • Your Company Corporate Logo and Name to be prominently displayed at all Armstrong Wolfe events internationally (over 140+ planned in 2024) and referenced as prime sponsors of the COO Charity in communications, literature, social media postings, etc., throughout 2024

Option 2: Cycling Jersey Sponsorship / Shirt Sponsorship – £5,000

  • Have your Company Logo featured prominently on the GCF100 Cycling Jersey, to be distributed to each of the 100 riders, and also be featured prominently in all marketing

Alternative option:

  • Have your Company Logo feature prominently on the GCF100 Sweater/T-Shirt, for distribution to all ride support staff and for broader sales to those wishing to own/share a part of the experience and at the same time contribute to GCF fundraising
  • Your Company Corporate Logo and Name to be prominently displayed at all Armstrong Wolfe events internationally  (over 150 planned in 2024) and referenced as prime sponsors of the COO Charity in communications, literature, social media postings, etc., throughout 2024

We hope that all corporate sponsors will encourage their team members to fundraise for GCF, and that where possible, will apply a tax-deductible matched funding to the amounts raised

Please note that travel to and from Sarajevo is not included and would be a cost to your corporate travel budget or the individuals joining the ride. (Return flights from London approximate cost £250 – £400).

Download the GCF100 brochure

Discover the history behind the charity and it’s 2024 ambitions, Corporate Sponsorship, Individual Fund Raising, this years participants and more. You can also visit the GCF Bosnia website with it’s in-depth background to previous rides, participants and endeavours.

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