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Armstrong Wolfe is a global advisory firm which brings together the financial services COO community to address market wide, non-proprietary challenges.  We manage this connectivity through the International COO Community (iCOOC), our corporate  membership programme.

We provide industry expertise through our advisory practice (AWA), education and training through our institute (AWi), industry leading events through iCOOC and extensive content (Magazines, Podcasts, Point of Views and White Papers).

Through Women in the COO Community (WCOOC) we have a network of over 2,500 women in executive business management roles, committed to inspiring tomorrow’s leaders and addressing DNl challenges. 

The International COO Community (iCOOC)

Bringing together the worldwide business management community to share ideas, expertise and thought. To collaborate and develop solutions and common approaches to produce efficiencies and better outcomes, helping to shape the industry of the future.

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What Our Members Say About Us

Gift Aid for Ukraine

GCF Bosnia, the charitable foundation of Armstrong Wolfe (, has established a means to directly support the mothers and children of the Ukraine escaping the ravages of war, this effort will come under the name Korczowa Children’s Foundation (KCF), Poland (For the children of Ukraine).


Our diversity, equity and inclusion programme strives to support the underrepresented by leveraging the influence and good will of the female global COO community.


We are committed to protecting the reputation of Armstrong Wolfe as the trusted partner to the COO community and the individual reputations of our alumni members.

COO Academy

Raise the profile and impact of the COO and CCO functions in Finance by driving innovation, while redefining and enhancing their roles and capabilities.


The collaborations encompass the Armstrong Wolfe’s quarterly COO forums across several regions.


Listen to content on demand from our most recent events and Mental Health Awareness Week.

Conduct & Culture Summit

Watch the entire Conduct & Culture Summit on Demand or register your interest for our next event.

iCOOC Membership

Our membership is one degree of separation from the executive. They are the ambassadors of conduct and the ‘COO’ a trademark for innovation, execution and ethical behaviour. They are uniquely positioned to transform financial services, add value to the society of nations and support the global economy.

​iCOOC’s mission is to help them meet this challenge by working better together to build a brighter future for all.

We are inviting you to join the Armstrong Wolfe COO Community.

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