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Since its formation in 2011, Armstrong Wolfe quickly established itself as a leader in Executive Search, completing assignments in over 25 countries over the last four years. Today, Armstrong Wolfe is the preferred supplier to a portfolio of global banks and is the recognised market leader within COO, CAO, business management and lead transformation roles.

Armstrong Wolfe further supports this by providing executive human capital solutions, with services ranging from corporate governance, market analysis, global forums and the establishment of market-wide initiatives, such as the Conduct Academy.

Focusing on investment banking, the financial markets and asset management, we bridge traditional competitive line to identify areas for cooperation and collaboration. We leverage our global Chief Operating Officers (COO) network to support the global COO community and our clients with three lines of business: 1. Executive Search 2. Industry Executive Forums 3. Women in the COO Community

Our clients are worldwide. With offices in New York, London and Singapore we are able to operate in three-time zones and execute searches across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Within Executive Search, we are recognised as an authority within business management:Chief Operating Officer (COO),

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Chief Control Officer (CCO), Chief of Staff (CoS), 1LOD, 2LOD, Compliance, Operational Risk and Technology.

Executive Search

We work across Financial Services, focusing specifically on Banking, Financial Markets and Asset Management.

Our clients are global companies that understand the value in hiring people with proven capabilities in driving change - be it responding to regulatory or institutional needs - to realise operational efficiencies and cost savings.

We have completed on searches in 25 countries.

Our COO and CCO 1LOD forums take place quarterly in London, New York, Toronto, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Executive Forums


Partnering with some of the world’s leading companies, Armstrong Wolfe runs quarterly Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Control Officer (CCO, 1LOD) forums and workshops in New York, London, Toronto, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The firm also supports the industry through its regular Brexit dinner, FinTech conferences, and its commitment to behavioural change through events focused on conduct, ethics and leadership.​

"Thank you so much for moderating the session and to the Sponsor's team for valuable inputs and guiding the conversation. Very enjoyable and insightful evening – I look forward to being involved in the 2019 initiatives."

“A thank you to Armstrong Wolfe for organizing the COO forums. I look forward to discussing key topics in the industry with peers at other organizations, as well as gaining the perspective from your sponsor. 
It’s a great platform for further building the COO network, so we can coordinate on initiatives important to us.”

"At Societe Generale, we recognize and value what diversity brings to an organization, and we’re happy to partner with WCOOC to foster diversity and inclusion throughout the financial services industry. We believe that by continuing to seek out ideas and opinions from those that are different from us, we can build on stronger foundations."



Armstrong Wolfe's Women in the COO Community initiative is focused on encouraging more women into senior positions within Financial Services and facilitating a cross-industry dialogue amongst women in executive business management positions.



We are delighted to announce that Sionic is our Market Insight Partner for the forthcoming COO Dinner in Toronto,

hosted by Ian Matthews, Managing Director and Chief Administrative Officer, CIBC World Markets.


Senior members of the COO community will join Sionic co-founder and Managing Partner Chris Crowe; Sionic Partner Robert Cranmer and Maurice Evlyn-Bufton, Managing Director, Armstrong Wolfe to discuss:

•    Cross-industry challenges
•    Canadian COO Forum objectives
•    Q2 and Q3 topics COO (Regulation, Controls and Conduct) forum
•    Women in the COO Community

This by-invitation forum is the first in a series of 2020 Armstrong Wolfe - Sionic partnership events.


If you would like to find out more about this event, please contact execnetwork@armstrongwolfe.com



We are delighted to announce that Microsoft is our Market Insight Partner for the forthcoming COO Technology and Innovation forum in New York.

Discussion will focus around addressing the challenges of operational resilience and delivering front-to-back solutions. 

Hosted by Morgan Stanley

If you would like to attend this forum of future technology forums, please get in touch: execnetwork@armstrongwolfe.com



We are delighted to announce that DXC Technology & AWS are our Market Insight Partner for the forthcoming COO Technology and Innovation forum in London.

Discussion will focus around cloud acceleration and financial services innovation. 

Hosted by Armstrong Wolfe

If you would like to attend this forum of future technology forums, please get in touch: execnetwork@armstrongwolfe.com

 Upcoming Events


Asset Management COO Forum London

Hosted by Morgan Stanley

  4 March 2020

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