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Women in the COO Community

Inspiring women in Financial Services

Our diversity, equity and inclusion programme strives to support the underrepresented by leveraging the influence and good will of the female global COO community.


The COO operates at the heart of every company and collectively at the centre of the industry. They are visible, influential and the ambassadors of conduct. Our aim is to help this community work together to shape the industry of tomorrow.


Listen to our on-demand content or get in touch to be involved in one of our Podcasts, where we seek to address the key challenges facing Financial Services today.

Financial Services Advisory Firm

The Financial Advisory Firm bringing together worldwide COOs into a directly connected managed network. We do this through our expertise, providing industry leading events and generating content (Magazines, Podcasts, Point of Views and White Papers).

We empower the COO & WCOOC community by providing thought-leadership and promoting cross-industry dialogue. We support collaboration and design & execute solutions through our Institute, Academy, Career Management and Advisory services.

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september, 2021

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Financial Services Advisory Firm

COO Magazine Q2 2021

JUNE 2021 ISSUE #5

Featuring Articles;
Evolving perspectives amidst the pandemic
(by Maurice Evlyn-Bufton, CEO, Armstrong Wolfe),

Purpose over profit: How can we have both?
(by Patrick Butler, Managing Partner, Armstrong Wolfe Institute),

In the Spotlight: An Interview with Ronald Taylor,
Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Mizuho America

 (by Gwen Wilcox, MD, COO, Global Lead WCOOC).


Our diversity, equity and inclusion programme strives to support the underrepresented by leveraging the influence and good will of the female global COO community.


Armstrong Wolfe Advisory (AWA) is the consulting division of Armstrong Wolfe, focused on providing project management and execution services to the COO.

COO Academy

Raise the profile and impact of the COO and CCO functions in Finance by driving innovation, while redefining and enhancing their roles and capabilities.


The collaborations encompass the Armstrong Wolfe’s quarterly COO forums across several regions.


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Conduct & Culture Summit

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iCOOC Membership

Our membership is one degree of separation from primary business decision makers. They are the ambassadors of conduct with ‘COO’ a trademark for ethical behaviour. This community is uniquely positioned to transform Financial Services.

iCOOC’s mission is to help them meet this challenge by working better together.

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