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Reporting the 3LoD Project for the CCO Community

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Welcome to Armstrong Wolfe

Chief Operating Officer Advisory firm

The COO operates at the heart of every company and collectively at the centre of the industry. They are visible, influential and the ambassadors of conduct and working together we believe can shape the industry of tomorrow.

Our mission is to bring worldwide COOs into a managed network one degree of separation from each other.

Our purpose is to empower this community by providing thought leadership, promoting cross industry dialogue, and supporting collaboration, design and execution.

“The discussion of how to use behavioural science to build a culture that motivates everyone in the organisation and then protect it from bad actors was a real eye-opener”.


David Lean, Chair of the Association of Online Due Diligence


Conduct & Culture Summit 1st - 5th November 2021


Purpose over profit


& Culture


International Conduct and Culture Summit

1st - 5th November 2021

A week of virtual webinars for the Financial Services Global COO and CCO community.

Armstrong Wolfe has created another opportunity to hear from industry and regulatory leaders, prominent academics and those at the forefront of behavioural science on how culture and conduct is shaping the Financial Services industry.

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19th -  21st April 2021

PAST EVENT - Another chance to view our sessions from the Conduct & Culture Summit (19th - 21st April)

Whether you're attending for the first time or want to recap on the session(s) you attended back in April visit www.conductandculture.co.uk

Upcoming Virtual Events

* Attendance to the forums are for COO or CCO, MD level - delegation upon request only*

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Armstrong Wolfe is dedicated to provide relevant content related to the COO and CCO function.

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Armstrong Wolfe
Q2 Magazine

June 2021


Welcome to our



Empowering the international COO Community


  • Our membership is one degree of separation from the key decision makers

  • They are the ambassadors of conduct with ‘COO’ a trademark for ethical behaviour

  • This executive community is uniquely positioned to transform financial services

  • iCOOC’s mission is to help them meet this challenge by working better together

Our Mission

  • To inspire women and all underrepresented groups in financial services to have no limit to their aspirations.

  • To educate women and all underrepresented groups on business management and the COO role as a career destination.

  • To establish exclusive and confidential networking opportunities with peers.

  • To enable a cross-industry business dialogue to address common challenges.


Inspiring women in financial services

"Thank you so much for moderating the session and to the Sponsor's team for valuable inputs and guiding the conversation. Very enjoyable and insightful evening – I look forward to being involved in the 2019 initiatives."


“A thank you to Armstrong Wolfe for organizing the COO forums. I look forward to discussing key topics in the industry with peers at other organizations, as well as gaining the perspective from your sponsor. It’s a great platform for further building the COO network, so we can coordinate on initiatives important to us.”

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"At Societe Generale, we recognize and value what diversity brings to an organization, and we’re happy to partner with WCOOC to foster diversity and inclusion throughout the financial services industry. We believe that by continuing to seek out ideas and opinions from those that are different from us, we can build on stronger foundations."

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"Thank you for arranging. It was a helpful, informative discussion and I was definitely virtually applauding."


"Great call tonight – very interesting and really enjoyed being able to connect with other women in the COO community. The format really worked for me."


'' I must say that issue #3 is very impressive. It is not often that I read 3 articles from a single issue of a trade magazine....but I did so in your latest issue. The whole thing is very impressive, professionally done, good choice and variety of articles.  Congratulations. ''

Global COO, MD