Armstrong Wolfe Institute of Leadership and Performance

Who are we?

We are a cooperative venture providing unique integrated leadership and performance solutions to address human resource challenges within global companies. Our partners are owner managed businesses with a collective entrepreneurial spirit with a vested interest in delivering success and possessing a common purpose to be recognised for excellence.

This excellence comes from a deep-rooted understanding of the sector we operate, the mindset of entrepreneurism and diversity of thought, this born from diverse representation of our leadership by gender, nationality, education, individual careers, and lifetime experiences.

We have dedicated at least the last 25 years to working within financial services This innate subject expertise is a cornerstone of our credibility and ability to operate effectively with our clients. By people, protocol, and product, what we do is matchless and unique.

What we do

Through years of listening to the worldwide COO community, we understand the multi-faceted challenge presented today by your people. We have spoken to and worked with many purpose-led CEOs and COOs, the world’s best data and human behaviour scientists, and led programmes of work at organisations in 60 countries globally.

Our analytics provides the predictive data, actionable insights and practical support to unlock purpose, improve performance, activate culture and transform organisations.

Through our uniquely integrated approach, we link these issues to address the whole: retention, burnout, agility, wellbeing, psychological safety, speak up, trust, commitment, conduct, working force patterns, culture, maintenance of productivity and DEI. The assumption we operate under is these are not segregated issues but contributing factors connected to each other.

They cannot be addressed piecemeal, bit by bit or step by step but only with a programme of work designed specifically for each organisation. In doing so, however, you will establish resilience within your workforce and ensure sustainability.

The on-going cost of these challenges is significant, and this issue is not simple to correct. It requires your commitment and capital to do so, but by working together we believe and can evidence we can make a material difference.

How do we do it

• Combining multiple data sources and human experience to tell you what you don’t know.

• Establishing causality by measuring culture and purpose

• Diagnose, design and provide necessary interventions

• Defining a solution that is bespoke to your company

• Define success criteria, deploy solution, measure success

The partners, their solutions, our USP

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learning hub

Meena Anand

The Careers Company

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Chryse Coaching

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 Group Head of Operations

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AW Advisory

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Corporate Culture Consultant
AVS Corporate Consultancy

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