Mental Health Forum Summary – UK Mental Health Week 2023

The use of data to manage stress and mental health in the workplace is crucial for maximising productivity. In 2022, Armstrong Wolfe launched an ESG data management programme with our alliance partner Sutherland. From this programme, we concluded three things:

    Many individuals wake up feeling unprepared and lack sufficient recovery time during the day. It is important to note that sleep alone is not a blanket fix for recovery, as the processing of information overnight can leave people feeling drained in the morning.

    Peak performance occurs when individuals are under moderate stress and able to concentrate effectively. However, the inability to take recovery time between meetings hinders one’s ability to be their best self. Approximately 65% of people report feeling stressed, indicating the prevalence of this issue.

    The impact of psychological safety on performance is significant, and it is essential to assess whether individuals are in the right job environment to maintain confidence and minimise stress.

    The culture within organisations plays a pivotal role in managing stress and promoting psychological well-being. Leaders need to prioritise caring for their employees and create a psychologically safe environment.

    While psychological safety is a widely discussed topic, it may not always be effectively implemented. Incorporating physiological aspects into the way businesses operate can also be beneficial. Stress and recovery should be treated as interrelated factors, and tools like heart rate monitors can visually demonstrate the physical effects of stress.

    Understanding the causes of stress is crucial for effective management. External stresses, health and fitness, and genetic inheritance contribute to individuals’ stress levels.

    Long-term fatigue, resulting from an excess of stress without adequate recovery, is a significant concern. Injecting recovery periods when individuals are fatigued is important, but it requires a culture that supports such practices. Managing people with a focus on their physical well-being has been shown to yield measurable productivity responses.

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