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Leadership and Performance Introductory Event

In Partnership with Amicus

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst: 14th – 15th June 2023

The leadership expertise that Armstrong Wolfe can call upon, is drawn from those who have both led at the highest level and under the greatest pressure – from the worlds of the military, sport, and commerce – and in addition, those individuals who have now made it their life’s passion to translate that experience into the world of development.

Armstrong Wolfe’s developmental approach is primarily concerned with pragmatism – ‘So what, now what? What will I do differently tomorrow?’ Years of study is not to be sniffed at, but we take pride in the fact that those who come to us for their development, take away pragmatic tools that can be immediately implemented to optimise performance. The AWi and Amicus will be running a 2-day leadership development programme at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst on 14th and 15th  June 2023, aimed at Financial Services professionals, particularly COOs and their teams.

Programme: Overview

During the 2-day course, we will aim to make use of the unrivalled facilities at Sandhurst in order to explore leading, following, and partnering behaviours. The two-day workshop will include a blend of outdoor team activities (loosely based on military command tasks), expert input, group discussion and individual reflection. We will also host a formal dinner in one of the Academy prestige rooms on the first night.

  • The Sandhurst ‘Serve to Lead’ Ethos: That leaders are the servants of those they lead, not the other way round
  • Leadership by Intent: ‘1 up and 2 up’ organisational context, with a view to creating the conditions for the maximum devolvement of responsibility, and developing focus on the bigger picture: ‘What have I been asked to do and why’ and to develop this as a culture within the organisation
  • Alignment and cascade: Do your people know, understand, and feel connected, to your purpose?
  • To provide leadership skills training to improve leadership capability
  • Create an environment where leaders understand the importance of their own continuous development within a rapidly changing and dynamic environment
  • To ensure leaders who will develop strategic insight; and who are able to develop and motivate their teams, in order to contribute to overall business success
Cost per person:

£2,500 for the 2 days exc VAT.

This fee imcludes all design, facilities, catering, accommodation and consultants.