Operations Working Group

Executive Attendee: Global Head of Operations

Industry Paper: Navigating the journey to the Target Operating Model. An integration of thought and experience of today’s Operations executive. Publish date early 2023

COO Aide Mémoire: Outsourcing: Selection, Management, Exit

Operations Working Group

The objective of the Operations Working Group is to drive effective collaboration across members of the International COO Community (iCOOC) to outline the future target operating model for operations, and to share best practices on outsourcing, including selection, management, and exit. At year end (2022), the group will produce Industry Paper: (a) The target operating model for Market Operations and (b) Aide Mémoire: Outsourcing selection, management and exit.

Existing operating models within the Markets industry are undergoing vast transformation, driven by a pressure to reduce costs in an environment where operating and compliance costs are ever-increasing. New technologies and strategic partnerships make it possible for COO’s to retain a competitive advantage under increasing financial pressure. As such, digital transformation and outsourcing must be integrated into the design and implementation of the target operating model.


Q2: Case study / TOM analysis


Q3: Outsourcing


Q4: Technology Horizon Scanning

  1. Projected use of major legacy providers
  2. Low code/no code deployment
  3. Fintech distributors, blockchain and digital assets

July – December 2022 Content

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