Armstrong Wolfe Institute

Knowledge and capability enhancement within business management

•   Embedding Leadership at all levels

•   Operationalising Purpose

•   Culture – intelligence and improvement

•   Business manager to COO modular training

•   1st Line Business Controls and Conduct

•   Business Manager and COO Mentoring

•   Executive Coaching

Our mission

Our mission is to make the COO a globally recognised profession through accreditation and consequently business management a go-to career destination.

Our purpose  is to raise the profile and impact of the COO across financial services by equipping this community to meet the demands of ever changing markets and to create value through enhanced execution and innovation.

We have designed 3 programmes to help:

Innovation Hub: Engine of best practice innovation

Leadership and Performance: Leadership and culture go hand-in-hand. Fundamentally, good leaders result in teams that want to follow them, especially in troubled times – whereas poor leaders precipitate those that want to leave, even when the going is good. Attraction and retention of talent has never been more crucial; attrition never more closely monitored.

Conduct and Controls Training Programme: The challenge from our clients is to provide a practical training on ‘what good looks like’ in a business-led CIB Conduct and Controls Programme. Strong Controls are a key pillar for establishing high Business Conduct standards.

Goals of the Institute:

Redefining Roles: Redefine the role of the Operating and Control Officer functions, from Business Manager to COO or CCO to meet the emerging challenges of the finance industry and in a way that drives business value and builds trust.

Advancing Development: Advance the development of innovation, solutions, competencies and skills in a targeted, balanced manner to support the COO and CCO’s evolving function.

Developing Opportunities: Develop opportunities and a career path for talent from diverse backgrounds to bring rich perspective and an effective source of leadership in this critical role, whether direct from secondary/tertiary education or laterally from other functions or industries.

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