Innovation Hub

Engine of best practice innovation

The development of practical solutions to real challenges and enhancement of COO role and function, competencies and skills.

How: Building from the challenges and best practice shared at the various Armstrong Wolfe Forums, driving a work programme to ensure tangible action can be taken to benefit members and the industry as a whole.

​What: Workshops, independent research papers, analysis and benchmarking based on surveys and external thinking; development of frameworks and models to inform solutions.

Early Priorities

Roles & Focus: Redefine the role of the Operating and Control Officer functions, from Business Manager to COO or CCO to meet the emerging challenges of the finance industry and in a way that drives business value and builds trust.

Development: Development of balanced Competency Framework to underpin modern reward and recognition philosophies.

Covid-19 impact: Impact and potential measures to manage changes in work patterns due to Covid-19

Behavioural and governance: Behavioural and governance changes to underpin findings of 3LOD analysis