Q3 2022 WCOOC – Purpose, Career and Ambition

Interactive session

Managing your career is an important part of anyone’s life. However, at times we hit roadblocks and it can be hard to see what is next. We lose sight of our purpose and what it is that gets us up in the morning.

Recording below – help  gain insight into the health of this stage of your career.

Further references

Daniel Pink on Motivation

Strengths Finder

Career Coach – Corinne Mills

The Great Work of your Life – Stephen Cope

Finally – here are some links about Jean Balfour, Executive Coach

You can find Jean’s podcast here – https://podcasts.apple.com/podcast/id1598286690

If you are interested in training as a coach there is more information on the Bailey Balfour website – https://baileybalfour.com/

Follow Jean on Linked in – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeanbalfour/

For enquiries about how to engage with Jean, contact Gwen Wilcox, COO, Armstrong Wolfe

Feedback from some of our attendees

“Hi everyone! This is so energising! I find a good book or just taking 10 mins out of the day to look out of the window and focus on what is going on outside – maybe a bit of nature, meditation, just getting centred again”

“These types of sessions are energising for me, a good reminder of taking time for yourself and your career”

“This has been wonderful, I have made a big change and  gone on a journey, it has made me realise it’s time to focus on mastery”

“Thank you very much, lots of ideas to inspire!”

“Fabulous, made me think about myself. Thank you Jean”

“Jean, what a wonderful session, thank you so much for running it and reminding us all how important it is to focus on our goals and ambitions”

“Been fantastic, many thanks”

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