Non-Financial Risk Management Industry Paper

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We are committed to supporting the global COO community and to helping them address market wide, non-proprietary challenges.

To do so in January 2022 we established a series of working groups to engage our community in debate throughout the year.

Purpose: As directed by the Q4 2021 COO priority of work surveys, iCOOC working groups were established in Q1 2022 for Financial Markets, Investment Banking and Asset Management. The purpose of forming these working groups was to promote the sharing of information, thought and opinions between iCOOC members to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Output: Each working group produced an industry paper, published in January 2023, the content provided and shaped by the collective thought of the COO community. These groups were led by Armstrong Wolfe’s CEO, the co-managing partners of its advisory business, its industry advisors and supported by innovative companies known to Armstrong Wolfe.

Non-Financial Risk Management Working Group

Q1: Framework, management, and governance

Q2: Target Operating Model

Q3: Data Solutions and technological innovation

Q4: Emerging Risk and Horizon scanning

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