Career Management

We support our clients as they enter a period of change within their careers, ensuring they make effective and constructive decisions and are well prepared to perform at interview.


Career Management


Armstrong Wolfe offers a comprehensive career management service designed to align skills and career aspirations with demand across the market.


We are focused on the business management and COO community. We know that every client is unique and their experiences should be structured accordingly.


Coaching provides best practice techniques to help clients understand their skills, competencies and experience, enabling them to best communicate their unique value through their CV and at interview, maximising their opportunity for success.


Our approach follows a structured programme which is agreed with the client following a detailed assessment of their needs. Coaching is held on a one-to-one basis.


We provide support for those seeking to move from one permanent role to another, those who are in the transition process into a new role, and those looking to return to the workplace after a hiatus, be it on an interim or permanent basis.

Our service consists of:


  • ​​An initial exploration of the client’s career plans and a strategy to achieve success.

  • ​A thorough review of the client’s CV to communicate behavioural strengths and commercial value

  • Occupational personality questionnaire and feedback report.​​

  • LinkedIn profile optimisation review.

  • Networking techniques.

  • A programme of one-to-one coaching sessions to further explore aims, motivation and changes required to articulate and achieve goals.

  • Preparation for the interview process, including the aligning of behaviour, knowledge, skills and experience with core competencies required for the role.

  • Ongoing support throughout the application process to achieve the desired outcome.

For an initial obligation-free consultation, contact:

Kate Hutchins

UK Practice Head,

Career Management

Kate leads Armstrong Wolfe’s Career Management practice. With over 20 years’ experience in resourcing and HR, much of  Kate’s career  has  been  spent  in the  financial  sector working with corporate clients on a range of strategies to ensure they attract top talent.

This experience means that she is particularly well placed to  provide support  and  guidance  for those  facing  career challenges  or considering  a  change  in  role,  as  well  as providing clients with tailored programmes.


Kate  has  a  particular  interest  in  the  evolution  of  the interview process,  harnessing her  knowledge  and  insight to provide coaching that results in an increased awareness of behavioural strengths  and techniques  to  communicate these effectively.


Based in London, she is a member of the Institute of Career Guidance and holds internationally recognised professional qualifications. She also enjoys providing support for young people on a voluntary basis, helping them in their career decision-making process.

Miia Lankinen


& Career Management, Asia

Miia is the APAC Practice Head for Armstrong Wolfe’s career management service and its Women in the COO Community initiative in Asia. She is based in Singapore.

In this role, Miia leverages her corporate experience which she has acquired over multiple business cycles to relate to clients in different career stages and situations.

Miia has 20 years’ of experience in the financial services industry, both in the Wholesale Banking business and in Human Resources. Experienced in professional coaching, talent management and leadership development, Miia is comfortable engaging with clients at all levels, from technical specialists to C-suite leaders. She also brings with her an understanding of competencies needed and the challenges faced in the banking industry today.