The COO Summit

The Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall, London
7th – 8th February, 2023

Non-Financial Risk

Many argue non-financial risk will be the principal challenge for the financial service industry COO in the coming decade. How best to define, govern, translate, and manage this emerging risk category has become a point of market-wide debate. At the heart of this examination is the COO.

Since 2022 iCOOC has run 27 forums and 2 working groups dedicated to non-financial risk. The community came together to design a risk taxonomy and further discussed how best to provide emerging risk assessment and horizon scanning.

Their accumulated findings, observations and recommendations were used as leading content for discussion and debate at Armstrong Wolfe’s February 2023 COO Summit, focused on non-financial risk.

“Thank you very much for hosting this I had a really enjoyable time and was delighted that my concerns about the timing of the debate were clearly ill founded as it seemed to go swimmingly with great engagement from everyone. Very best wishes, Toby.”

Toby Billington
Managing Director, ICG Risk & Controls, Citi

Over 2 days in February 2023 we covered the governance and management of non-financial risk and provided deep dive discussions into the risks that are prevalent challenges to financial services, such as geopolitics, ESG, human capital management, culture, and conduct.

The summit was attended by over 300 within business management from the buy and sell side and received significant praise, “The summit was a great success, informative, great panellists, a myriad of leading professionals and enriched by a selection of global and regional COOs. The fact it was part of our membership kept sponsors at the door, which was refreshing in that this prompted open debate and engagement. The environment and content were most definitely shaped for the COO and the COO community alone.”

“A timely, compelling and deeply engaging summit on Non-Financial Risk mitigation  convened and facilitated to great effect and action by Armstrong Wolfe.”

Michael Cole Fontayn
Chairman and Non-Executive Director The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments

“A very big thanks from me, as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and hope the audience got as much out of it as I did. Looking forward to keeping in touch until the next time.”

Charles Hecker
Partner, Global Issues Group, Control Risks

“Congratulations on a very successful Summit. Immaculate hospitality and organisation. Much enjoyed by all. Some tremendous talks. A privilege for Amicus to take part. Huge thanks to all your team.”

General Sir Peter Wall
CEO Amicus

“Honestly, this was a great 2 days. I’d have changed nothing. Thank you for pulling this together.”

Derek Pattison
Global Head, GBM Business Risk Controls, Scotiabank

“I thought the quality of speakers and the panel discussion was excellent, so well done. Venue was excellent.”

Jason Hope
General Manager, Business Controls, Monitoring & Remediation, Westpac International Bank

Armstrong Wolfe Forums & Events 2024

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We strongly believe that whilst the opportunity to meet on-line is now a very important part of any business activity and has enabled us to bring our worldwide community together in real-time for meaningful debate, that in-person events are the bedrock of our community’s ability to truly engage.

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