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To promote the cause of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by leveraging the female executives and underrepresented groups of the global COO community.

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Including spotlight articles from Pascale Moreau & Loretta Marcoccia.

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Why Being Menopause Supportive is Business Savvy


  • The key facts and statistics on menopause and the impacts on work

  • ​The core business, demographic and legal cases that underpin menopause awareness training

  • ​Reasonable adjustments employers can make to support women through menopause

  • ​Next steps to becoming a menopause supportive organisation

  • ​The reasons why menopause is not a just woman’s issue

Lauren Chiren,

CEO of Women of a Certain Stage


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Management Series 


Mental health, managing stress & handling setbacks

3rd September 2021
2 - 3pm SGT / 7 - 8am GMT

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WCOOC Podcast

Operationalising disability inclusion within business
00:00 / 21:49

by Marianne Waite, Director of Inclusive Design, Interbrand

Designer turned International Brand Strategist, over the past 14 years Marianne has worked on projects for a mix of corporate and consumer clients including Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, HSBC and The Ministry of Defence. Her aim now, is to bridge the gap between assistive and mainstream products and services. Marianne is on a mission to help organisations apply an understanding of customer difference to create better products, services, and communications for people with specific lifestyle requirements.


UK Government Disability Sector Champion for Brand and Design, Marianne, joined us to share how businesses can start to operationalise inclusivity, and why the whole organisation is responsible for change. Listen now to hear how leadership and culture are key to inclusivity within business.


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Q2 - Career Management

Mental Health Awareness Week Podcast

WCOOC (& iCOOC) - Managing the Wellbeing of Staff
00:00 / 56:32

Poppy Jaman OBE, Global Ambassador for Mental Health & CEO, City Mental Health Alliance, Claire MacLennan, Joint Head of Global Contracts & IMAs – Legal, Baillie Gifford, Jacklyn Osborne, MD, Risk & Finance Technology Executive, Bank of America, John Liver, Partner, EY UK



& Culture


Purpose over profit


Q2 - WCOOC Career Management:

Identifying goals and actions, competencies, and effective communication to grow your career as a COO

North America

Q2 WCOOC Career Management Forum NA
00:00 / 57:06


Q2 WCOOC Career Management Forum EMEA
00:00 / 49:56


Q2 WCOOC Career Management Forum APAC
00:00 / 56:42

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by Gwen Wilcox, MD, COO, WCOOC

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by Gwen Wilcox, MD, COO, WCOOC

Global Lead

In the Spotlight: Laura Ahto, Non-Executive Director & Advisor

by Gwen Wilcox, MD, COO, WCOOC

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